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Consumers choose a particular fashion or cosmetic that reflects their own personal style and taste. Their style can have a vast range depending upon the day and the mood, but the one thing that matters most, is that it is their own and that it makes a statement about who they are. You and your team spend significant amounts of time and energy crafting just the right words to represent the vision and product that you have created.

Your translations should equally reflect your effort and convey the essence and message to your target audiences in their own native language. We all know that one’s fashion or cosmetic choice is emotion based and it is important to retain that emotional connection with both English and non-English speaking audiences. Our linguists adapt the details of your products to consider both local customs and social conventions.

Our fashion translations are done by native-tongue specialist linguists, all residing in your destination location, who develop carefully crafted translations that fit with the tone and personality of your brand.

Our cosmetic linguists have worked with a range of projects and have the required experience working with manuals, labels, packaging, and patents into their native language. They are familiar with the chemical compounds and specific terms so that they ensure the most accurate and consistent translations to a global audience.

Globalization means a huge opportunity for you to increase your business, website traffic and online sales. A McKinsey & Company report states that by 2025, 55% of all mid-market apparel sales will come from emerging markets. Those consumers will also begin to travel more and it is expected that their purchases outside of their home countries will also grow.

Some of Fashion and Cosmetic translations include:

  • Labels
  • Patents
  • Manuals
  • Packaging
  • Contents
  • Medical reports
  • Health & Safety data sheets
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Branding

Speak with our team today to help you understand how to get your message across to new buyers in a way that accurately reflects your brand.


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