Terms and Conditions

Price and Payment Policy:

  • The price for projects will be finalized on the date of quote and/or invoice.
  • Prices are subject to change if customers decide to make certain modifications to their file(s) that may prolong the translation process.
  • Credit card transactions must be processed for the full quoted price in order to begin the translation process.
  • Invoice transactions require a minimum of 50% of the total quoted price to begin translation service.
  • At the time of invoice, the customer must submit 50% of the total quoted price. The remaining 50% of the payment must be made upon delivery. Failure to pay within 10 business days after delivery will result in a penalty charge of an additional $35.00 USD. If no payment is received within 30 days after delivery, a daily fee of $150.00 USD will be added to the balance until it is paid in full.
  • Discounts and/or reduced rates are void immediately if payment is past due. All outstanding payments are subject to full rates and late fees.
  • Any changes to translations after completion must be documented by Macro Translate and its registered Linguists in order to legally modify original pricing under signed agreements. 
  • Collections fees, legal fees, and any other applicable costs resulting from past due payments will be added to unpaid invoice(s). 

Termination of Projects:

  • If a customer decides to terminate a project after it has already been started, an early termination fee will assessed. If and when termination occurs, the customer will also be billed for any translation work already completed.

Delivery of Completed Projects:

  • We guarantee that upon delivery, the completed projects will have met the needs of the customer.
  • Exact delivery dates will be given in advance only if the customer has indicated a precise deadline for completion and has chosen to mark the project as Rushed.¹
  • Upon completion, projects will be delivered via E-mail and/or overnight shipment of a physical copy. If the customer requests different methods, accommodations will be met.²

¹ Rushed-status projects are subject to a 30-40% price increase depending on translation type (general or specialized), file format, and proximity of deadline.

² Special delivery accommodations may incur additional charges that will be assessed on an individual basis.