Translation & Localization

Documents & Manuals

From software manuals to technical specifications, safety manuals to manufacturing processes, our linguists have the experience to help you.


In addition to written translations, we are here to help you with your interpreting projects in over 150 languages.

Software Localization

By localizing your software, you increase user acceptance and integration. All this means more sales and customer loyalty.

Website Localization

A professionally localized website gives  the right impression and message, making it accessible to worldwide users.


Transcreation is more than translating words from one language to another, it involves considering the content from strategic and creative perspectives.

Translation & Localization

Our professional translation and localization teams support over 500 language combinations. We have vast database of experienced multilingual native linguists. A translation from one of our professionals means a translation that reads perfectly to a native speaker of the target language.


We employ a rigorous recruitment process for our linguists. We also provide continuous ongoing training for our network of linguists, reviewers and subject matter experts who, in addition to being experts in their fields, have extensive knowledge of online trends and behaviour (such as popular search engines and keywords in other countries, etc.). This combination of a strong database of specialist linguists ensures we have the capacity for volume and speed as needed by your project. Our language professionals are located in the target country, with certified experience and/or advanced degrees in linguistics.

From software localization to transcreated marketing collateral, our project managers create and implement a streamline process so your project has the appropriate linguistic talent to deliver accurate and locally appropriate translations on time and within budget.

Our linguists are also qualified for specific subject expertise, such as advanced engineering for technical documentation or SEO for website translation. 


Documents & Manuals

Your team invests time making sure that the content created for your documents and manuals reflects your brand, in terms of quality, comprehension, and usability. These elements need to be maintained in the translation so that the localized document reads as though it were created in that target language.

From software manuals to safety manual translations, technical specifications to manufacturing processes translations, our linguists and teams have the experience to help you.

Some of the types we work with:

  • Technical documents
  • Software and user guides
  • Product catalogues
  • Technical specifications
  • Instruction manuals
  • Operating and maintenance manuals including o&m manual software
  • Technical drawings
  • Machine tool manuals
  • Technical equipment documents
  • Material Safety Datasheets
  • Regulatory documents
  • Heavy machinery manuals
  • Aviation manuals



Engaging in global commerce often requires interpreting services ranging from one-on-one, small group meetings, or large-scale conferences. Ensuring that all parties clearly understand each other is essential to get your message across and avoid potential issues.

In addition to written translations, we at Macro are here to help you with your interpreting projects, and we provide professional interpreting services in over 150 languages. 

Our skilled project management team will work together with you, helping schedule the right type of interpreting solution for your situation. This includes trained interpreters for legal meetings including depositions and court or for business conferences, with the relevant subject matter expertise so that your communications are effective. 

We offer the following interpretation services:

  • Face-to-Face Interpreting
  • Group and Conference Interpreting
  • Court and Legal Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpretation

Please contact us for a free no obligation interpretation quote.


Software Localization

Making your product useful to worldwide customers is the best way to increase business. Software adaptation by non-native English speakers increases significantly when you present it in their language. This increases usability and reduces errors. In fact, localized software is becoming mandatory in some countries to prevent problems. By localizing your software, you increase your benefits, user acceptance, and integration. All this means more sales and greater customer loyalty.

Macro offers a complete life-cycle solution for software globalization, including strategy consultation, localization, and functional testing. Our process ensures that your software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. Our expert testing and validation services guarantee functional integrity.

Software localization is more than just translating the user interfaces. It involves separate and distinct workflows for the adaptation of the user-interface, help files, and technical documentation. Our team scrutinizes all the elements of text length. From resizing and adapting dialogs, variables, we make sure the codes and IDs stay intact. We provide you with a completed package that includes online help, user interfaces, and  relevant documentation in your target languages.

We work in several formats beyond DLLs and EXE files, including compilable XML/HTML/PHP files, Excel spreadsheets, RC files, proprietary text files, practically every format. With flexible methods and tools, we develop the optimal process for your localization project that completes them quickly, accurately and securely.


Website Localization

Many companies are using auto-translate tools such as Google Translate, thinking that it is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to get their message across in a basic form to other language speakers. The problem is that those types of tools are conveying the wrong message. Instant translation tools do not focus on quality, thus leading  prospective customers to believe the same applies about a clients' product or service.

A professionally localized website will give your clients and prospects the right impression and message, which will draw in much more business.

Reaching and communicating with international and multilingual customers is vital if a company wants to increase revenue. The capacity to communicate your brand message, service, and unique selling points accurately to the target audience is essential to success. If you plan to grow your business internationally or with non-English speakers, Macro’s website translation services will help you truly connect with your target markets in their local language. 



Transcreation is much more than translating words from one language to another. In fact, it involves considering the content from strategic and creative perspectives. Macro leverages both linguistic and cultural expertise to ensure your message and brand image is accurately reflected to the target audience in each local market. 

Marketing Translation & Localization

We can also translate and localize marketing content in any media so that your message is consistent in every target market. We have created efficient processes that enable us to do precisely that. First, we discuss your project with you to fully understand your message, then carefully select a team of expert linguists and writers and, lastly, use the latest and best language technologies, all the while following strict quality-control procedures.


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