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Properly localized technology and software needs to have the look and feel of a product originally written and designed in the target language of that user. When taking your technology or software to a global audience, it is important to take into account the factors unique to your industry.

The complexity of technology, software, and IT that runs our modern industrial society requires that the translation be done in a way that accurately reflects this in the target language. It is more than just having a translator copy and past the translation back into the software. They need to take into account the formats for currency, dates, time, and whether the language reads left to right. The UI spacing is important as text may expand or contract depending upon the language along with whether or not the images or icons will be suitable in the target language. 

Companies must meet the language and functionality criteria of users in a given market by translating the software strings, online support, interface or messages, materials, documentation, mobile apps, website, and training materials, as well as legal and marketing communications.

There are factors that we believe are important to the success of your projects include the following, and we put them into use to create accurate and successful translation projects:

  • Dedicated software localization team
  • The accuracy and consistency of glossaries
  • Professional training for the translation team
  • Comprehensive localization service
  • QA testers and engineers

We can develop together the best solution for your situation and implement an variety of controls and translation technologies to help you successfully get your message out to the world's consumers. 


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